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From all over the world we are looking for people (and also aliens) who would like to contribute to a new site which we are currently creating: The Outer Rim.
This site shall be dedicated ONLY to sciencefiction in all its forms, thus no Fantasy, No Horror but pure sciencefiction.
Why we are doing this: we reallly do not want that sciencefiction will die very slowly because of the more popular Horror and Fantasy. And aldo to bring back most of us our dreams we had while we were youngsters.
All items, related to SF, are welcome: poetry, articles, space programmes, biographies of sf-authors, convention reports  (only pure sf cons) short stories, long stories, reviews of sf-movies, sf-books, sf-dvd's, just name it... We do not put a roof on it but it has to be clearly sciencefiction, (past, present or future,...).
If you can recognize yourself here, please do not hesitate and please send your contributions to my e-mail address:`

Note: we're not an organization who is looking for any kind of profit, we are all sf-lovers from the first hour. We don't care what language you speak of write, all languages are universal and so is ScienceFictiion. Many thanks already, friends all over the world...
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